Griffon Millhiore Biscotti Impresses With Frills, Fails at Everything Else

Known mostly as a “Touhou” figure maker nowadays, Griffon looks to steer away from their trend just a bit with their latest announcement of a 1/7 Millhiore F. Biscotti figure from mediocre moe fantasy anime, “Dog Days.”

While the anime was less than satisfying in my opinion, let’s focus on the figure at hand. At first glance, there are already imperfections to be seen, not that PVC figures are meant to be perfect by all means but this one’s point toward ghastly glaring.

Most of the blame goes to the sculpt as Millhi looks to have gone a sauna treatment. She looks noticeably thinner and less curvy than her anime counterpart. The face is nothing home to write about too as she looks to have inherited some of that generic Griffon DNA.


On a positive note, her flowing dress looks to be quite well done with lots of movement and realistic creases. Yet, this is not enough to convince me to get one. There’s that better GSC Millhi coming and I’m one who thinks that that one’s a hell of a better investment. Anyways, Griffon’s Millhi will be released this Christmas time for a not so friendly 7600 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


One thought on “Griffon Millhiore Biscotti Impresses With Frills, Fails at Everything Else

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