More Nendoroids Coming SOON!

The title head says it all. Attention to all fellow nendoroid collectors, GSC will soon get all your wallets. xD

More info on the featured pic (above) after the break.

Anyway, here’s the compilation of recent news:

Ayase Arakagi was recently spotted in full color.

Phat company will announce her soon de geso~

Kaito will have his 3rd resale soon!

Custom-made nendoroid rendition of Mikatan. Who knows they might sell this. I want that dslr. >.<

More infos:

  • Haruka Morishima and Ai Nanasaki from Amagami will be announced soon.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog will be announced during its 20th anniversary.
  • Yune’s faceplate is supposedly interchangeable with other nendoroids.
  • They are currently working Sayaka Miki and Sakura Kyouko’s prototypes.

 Via Nendonesia and Mikatan


13 thoughts on “More Nendoroids Coming SOON!

  1. ooh kaito’s resale! been waiting for that but i’m still thinking if they’ll release it in the line of cheerful japan o,o

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