Reminders for Collecticon 2011 Figure Display


We just got back from the Collecticon 2011 exhibitors meeting and here’s some updates to keep in mind, for both current Team Onii-chan! members (particularly those lending their figures) and those planning to go and see our display.

1. Ingress will be on Saturday, October 8, from 7 am to 12 nn. Just mention you’ll be displaying and/or helping out at the Team Onii-chan! display.

2. The cab will be similar to the one used at Ozine Fest 2011. It will be an all glass cabinet with 4 spacious layers.

3. Our group presentation on the collecting hobby and the different Japanese figure lines will be at 1:30 to 2 pm on Saturday. All toy organizations will only be presenting on Saturday since Sunday will be a free day.

4. Egress will be on Sunday, October 9, from 7 pm onwards.

5. Selling of figures and other goods will be allowed.

We hope all of you can join and visit us at Collecticon 2011 at the Robinsons’ Midtown Mall on October 8-9, 2011. Team Onii-chan! will be having another grand display so look forward to that. :)


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