Kotobukiya Rouna is One Furry Feisty Maid

20111006-122721.jpg Kotobukiya continues its now familiar “Shining Hearts” lineup with the opening of pre-orders for their 1/8 scale figure of the knife-throwing maid, Rouna.

Like the rest of the “Shining Hearts” figures released so far, Rouna looks to have received the premium treatment from Kotobukiya as details abound for her figure. Most noticeable are the flowing creases of her skirt which reveal the intricate sculpting that went into making her.

As with most Tony Taka characters, there’s not much to see in terms of facial expression, but from the looks of it, they’ve at least managed to capture her look in Tony’s art. However, I’m quite bothered by that huge seam line on her waist area.

Another great thing Kotobukiya did with Rouna is the addition of fishnet in the breast and leg areas which heighten the realism it brings. Of course her knives are also sculpted with great care.

Kotobukiya’s Rouna will be released on February 2012 for an 8400 yen price that reflects the higher level of quality this figure was made with.

Images taken from AmiAmi


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