Figma Nadeko… Plain, yet cute

A storm still passed us and another figure is showing up from the storm of previews this week. Now let’s take a look on the character from the anime Bakemonogatari, who is cursed by a snake. None other than Sengoku Nadeko.

This figma is somewhat plain as I look at the things on her… Yet, maybe due to her plainness she’s quite cute. She has a face plate which she smile a little with her eyes in a narrow way, a shy face plate and a standard look face plate

The signature Nadeko hat is there and  the jacket is quite nice due to it can change its position for a more moving pose. A simple charm so she can pray the bad juju to go away and a special arm piece is added on her… 3048 yen is her price and you’ll be able to gain her on December of 2011. This figure is quite plain, but some aspects make it quite cute.


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