Figma Saber and Rider Re-released, Max Factory Just Trolled Scalper Clients


With the new entry in the “Fate” universe, “Fate/Zero,” underway, Max Factory has taken the glorious task of trolling everyone who bought their undoubtedly popular “Fate/Stay Night” figmas of Saber and Rider at higher than normal prices.

In what is now a unsurprising move, given that a lot of anime recently have been either sequels or rehashes, Max Factory is re-releasing figmas Saber and Rider to capitalize on the revitalized hype for the series. Being re-releases, expect the same level of quality (or disappointment) that these 2 figmas brought from their initial releases. Saber, in particular, is still using the old joint system so greater care is advised. Rider remains as flexibly fantastic and in my opinion, the more exciting purchase. Still, for those who’re lacking these 2 servants in their collection, now is a great time to take them home. Saber will retail for 2800 yen while Rider for 3000 yen. Both will make their encore next month, November 2011.


5 thoughts on “Figma Saber and Rider Re-released, Max Factory Just Trolled Scalper Clients

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  2. Lol, maybe even Shana figmas are going to get resold.

    Come on Max Factory and GSC, I know you can make the Archer figma (which was announced many sunsets ago) and Berserker (F/Z) happen!

  3. My first figma was Saber … and I broke her feet. The housekeeping folks in the office played around with her too and broke her leg. I ain’t buying any new figmas anymore. >.<

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