GSC Sonico Brings the Heat, But Not The Want


If you were to ask me, Sonico would probably be the ecchi equivalent of the twin-tailed virtual diva, Hatsune Miku. Both sport headphones, are musically inclined and insanely popular among their established fan bases. Now, chalk up another similarity to both of them as Good Smile Company is now lending their sculpting prowess to the sultry Sonico, as she joins GSC’s ranks of timeless characters turned into PVC figures.


However, unlike GSC’s top-tier offerings, Nitroplus’ ecchi idol looks to have gotten the short end of the stick. The first thing that sticks out like an unwanted weed is her face. Compared to Orchid Seed’s excellent facial renditions of Sonico, the Good Smile version’s looks flat and unattractive.


Moving on to her body, I’m not, by all means, an expert on Sonico’s physiological make-up but her lower torso just looks anatomically wrong. It’s like GSC put a 1/6 scale butt on a 1/7 scale upper body. Labeled as the Tokonatsu or Tropical Ver., the manufacturer might’ve wanted to highlight the sexy under body of the character as she undresses without shame, but still, it’s no excuse for the proportion disaster.


GSC’s Sonico Tokonatsu Ver. will come with face and bust replacement parts to make her even more worthy of a Japanese AV idol video appearance. For those undeterred by her shortcomings, she will retail for a back-breaking 8800 yen and will be released in April 2012.


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