Togainu no Chi Kotobukiya 1/8 Shiki and Akira Ready to Conquer the Fangirls

After more than a month of waiting, drooling fangirls *ahem* can now feast their eyes on the latest update from the Kotobukiya x Nitro+ joint project as they’ve announced the most awaited male figures of 2012, lovely couple Shiki and Akira from the infamous BL game Togainu no Chi. You may want to check out the rest of the entry so you can view the other photos and info about the release, or simply stay on the front page so you can stare at Akira’s buttcrack over there. Your call, fangirl!

Among the two figures, Akira will be released a month earlier than his sadistic keeper. As you can see, the second TnC Akira figure is bolder and better sculpted, has a better pose and scale than the first Akira figure. Also, not only did they minimize the flesh wound on his stomach, they also minimized the clothes that he’s wearing! Pantsu-flashing bishoujo figures? Akira accepted the challenge by flashing his black boxers (and buttcrack), hohoho! He’s scheduled to be released in March 2012 and is priced at Y6800.

Following his “dog” is a none other than Shiki with his release date a month later after Akira’s. There’s actually a huge difference between the early previews and the final outcome of this figure. It seemed too boring at first because of his stagnant pose but everything changed when the colored version was shown. In my opinion, this is one of the sexiest male figures around. Shiki is also priced at Y6800 and due to be released April 2012.

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