Universal Studios Japan to Have Life Size K-ON! Figures, Single Otaku Rejoice Over Houkago Waifus

To celebrate the upcoming “K-ON!” movie, which will be shown on December 3, in Japanese theaters nationwide, Universal Studios Japan will be having a special event named, “K-ON! in Universal Studios Japan,” that will run from November 28 to December 31, 2011. What’s interesting is that the park attraction will feature 1/1 scale statues of the now iconic 5 members of the Houkago Tea Time band, namely Yui, Mio, Mugi, Ritsu and Azusa. In addition to the life size figures, those who purchase a special pass to the event will be getting a six-sided K-ON! puzzle to take home, which if you ask me sounds more like a Rubix Cube.

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