Four Display Events, Six Months After, Still Awesome

It’s been more than half a year since Team Onii-chan! Figure Display Crew was formed and looking back, we really didn’t expect our group to stay for as long as it has, considering it was supposed to only last for one convention. Yup. Just one. However, by some fortuitous chance, we’re still standing and continuing to spread the figure collecting hobby with everyone. As seen in the pic above (from our most recent EB which was yesterday), the core of the team has grown considerably from the first display we had and slowly but surely, we’d like to grow it even more. With more events and displays upcoming, I’m sure this will be a very attainable goal, but the important thing is to have fun at the same time. One thing’s for sure, even if our group does grow even more, it will still retain its lack of whatever hierarchical power. As a group, we want everyone’s opinions to be considered and have a transparent relationship with each other. I believe we have some of the best members in any group and that it’s they who make Team Onii-chan! therefore, any spotlight should be deferred to them and not to the admins.

Being one of the first members, I can say that I’m glad we continued Team Onii-chan! into more than just a one event project. The figure collecting hobby is but a very small segment of the toy collecting and otaku fandom in the Philippines, but with each figure display and member we bring in, we hope that we can improve its visibility among the public. Again, our team is always open to more people as long as they present themselves to us and share the same vision and goals. I’m very thankful to all of our members and those who’ve contributed to the small success that we’ve achieved for the past six months. Let’s keep it rolling and we’re sure that the coming months will be an even better time for our small, yet rapidly growing group. Thanks guys! :D

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