Max Factory HSP Miku Delights Moe Fags, Looks Eerily Similar to Kirino

It’s been quite a while since Mikatan brought us anything new from Good Smile Company to salivate on, but she’s finally back with something that I personally have been both intrigued by and excited with. Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku: HSP Ver. is based on Hana Soumen-P’s (hence, HSP) videos of the virtual goddess with the distinct character design provided by none other than OreImo’s Kanzaki Hiro. As for the figure itself, the quality of the work done by Max Factory really shines through and dare I say, at their best, no one even comes close to the accuracy and impeccable finish that they can pull off. This is certainly one of those pieces that may not grab headlines at first, but the beauty reveals itself in the meticulous details that decorate the figure.

Some people may or may not like the rounded design of Kanzaki’s Miku but I can safely say I’m in the camp that likes it. If the original Miku was a chewy caramel nugget, then the HSP Ver. is a melted caramel nugget rolling down a generous heap of vanilla ice cream.

The hair looks to be paler than the standard Miku look, but nonetheless, the gradient coloring is still bound to please the eyes. There are also plastic rods included to support the heavy hair part so you can be assured that the figure will be as secure and sturdy as the brick wall at your neighborhood school yard.

Much like how Alter impressed the masses with their intricate keyboard for their Tsumugi figure, Max Factory shows it can also do instruments worthy of admiration. While there’s not as much detail crammed into Miku’s keyboard, its got more to do with the simplicity of the reference design rather than simply saying Max Factory got bored. Case in point: even Miku’s fingernails have been painted, leading to the conclusion that they really didn’t leave any stone unturned in producing this one.

Hatsune Miku: HSP Ver. will be available for pre-orders tomorrow at your favorite online retailers. No price has been given yet, but since it’s a Max Factory figure, expect it to be quite affordable and give the best bang for the buck. Even if you’re not a Miku collector, this is one figure that you might want to consider getting.

One thought on “Max Factory HSP Miku Delights Moe Fags, Looks Eerily Similar to Kirino

  1. Well that Miku was drawn by Hiro Kanzaki who also illustrated the oreimo characters, even the green stuffed toy in kirino’s room is included with this fig :D

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