Alter Gertrud Barkhorn Glides to Your Pre-order List, Retains the Pantsu-less Tradition

Alter rarely completes a whole cast of characters when they make figures from a particular anime series. In fact, apart from their now legendary “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha” figures (which includes the sequels, “A’s” and “StrikerS”), few series have a complete set of characters from the said manufacturer, “Saki” and “Kara no Kyoukai” to name a few. However, as if divine intervention had convinced them to do so, Alter’s fully committed to completing the whole pantsu-less 501st Joint Fighter Wing of “Strike Witches.” This time, their latest announcement is the MG42-wielding Gertrud Barkhorn. Much like the other Witches, ‘Trude sports a highly detailed Striker Unit that only Alter seems capable of doing (no offense to Kotobukiya but Alter’s is just a notch higher in terms of finish). Her MG42s look stunning as well. One could almost mistake them for being real due to the excellent paint job and shading. Barkhorn is also displayed in a very dynamic pose that simulates her being in flight which definitely adds to the style points of this figure. She also comes with effect parts for her propellers, which you can replace, so that she looks like she’s really gliding through the air while launching an all out assault against the Neuroi. Like the previous Witches released before her, Alter’s Gertrud Barkhorn will retail for a very reasonable price of 7800 yen, considering the accessories and top-notch quality you’re getting. She’ll fly to your doorsteps in March 2012. For those who plan to complete the entire 501st Joint Fighter Wing, getting this one is a must.

1 thought on “Alter Gertrud Barkhorn Glides to Your Pre-order List, Retains the Pantsu-less Tradition

  1. Alter wants me dead and I am pretty sure of it…

    on a side note: I like Koto Trude more than Alter Trude(judging from the prototype pictures)

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