figma Michael Jackson Relives Your Dad’s Thriller Dancing Sessions

The brewing battle among articulated figure manufacturers has reached fever pitch with Kaiyodo’s Revoltech and Max Factory’s figma product lines at the forefront. With figma retaining their stranglehold in Japanese character dominance, Revoltech has recently turned its attention more to Western cultural icons, such as DC’s Batman, Jurassic Park’s T-Rex, Marvel’s Iron Man and others to name a few. However, with the market still in its infancy stage, Max Factory would also like to take a share of that pie and has also started its own Western campaign, albeit in a smaller scale. One such example of this is their recent release (yes, he’s out!) of the timeless Michael Jackson in his Thriller self.

After months and months and months of delays (Jacko might take the crown for “most delayed figma”), the King of Pop is now ready for purchase and while the face may be iffy for some, just right for others, that’s beside the point. Max Factory’s clearly gunning for dominance in all aspects of the entertainment spectrum. Yeah, this could also be a tribute to Michael Jackson, but then again, they could’ve released this while the news of his passing was still hot. The toy itself looks fun to play with though, especially when you pair him up with more notable oddballs like Billy Herrington or Revoltech’s Woody. He comes with two expressions, one his regular smiling face and the second, a zombie-looking one. There are also additional hand accessories that you can use for your other figmas so they too can do the zombie pose. Michael Jackson also introduces a new innovation to the figma line with the inclusion of toe joints for even more posing possibilities.

figma Michael Jackson “Thiller” Ver. is now available at your favorite online stores for 2800 yen. Even if you’re not a fan of Jacko, this one still promises to be a good buy for the laughs and for the novelty.


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