Volks Mio Sakamoto Slices and Dices Your Pre-order Plans, Make Extra Room For That Poster

The “Strike Witches” anime might have finished airing a long time ago but the figures for it show no signs of stopping. Alter and Kotobukiya are the known names churning Witches faster than a bullet train, but Volks is also in the business of making them although at a much slower pace and working on a smaller scale. So far, we’ve seen their Yoshika and now, they’re ready to roll out the ever-popular Mio Sakamoto. Unlike Alter’s version which has a more static pose, but has excellent production values across the board, Volks’ is more dynamic and depicts the katana-wielding major in a fierce battle. Other advantages this one has is the ability to take off the Striker Unit and the variety of hand accessories so you can pose Mio in a number of ways. I’m not too fond of the face as I think Alter’s did it better, but at least Volks didn’t go completely wrong with the look. It’s not as good as it could be, but it’s not completely off either. Judging from the promotional image, you also get a free B2-sized poster with the figure, making the deal even sweeter. Pre-orders for this Mio will be at Volks’ Hobby Round event on November 5 and 6. It’s a Volks figure so you’ll have to do some extra effort to secure one and if you do, be ready to fork out 8400 yen for her, and that’s not even inclusive of the middleman fees and shipping woes that come with it.

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