Alter Previews Charlotte Dunois Figure, Reminds Us Why France is Awesome

With a plot as simple as “Infinite Stratos’,” one would think that it would just recede into the annals of unmemorable anime titles, but surprisingly, it has its share of fans who simply don’t care that much for a story as long as they get their fill of mecha battles, moe girl stereotypes and gratuitous fan service, all of which “Infinite Stratos” has in spades. Of the bevy of attractive 2D women in the series, none perhaps are as popular as the once cross-dressing, supremely moe representative of France, Charlotte Dunois. Alter is capitalizing on her widespread popularity with a figure release that caters not to her considerable skill in piloting an IS, but to her unparalleled cuteness, featuring her in a Noah Jersey (hey don’t kill me for the translation, blame it on Google) and flashing her trademark smile.

Apart from a smiling face, she also comes with an additional face plate and hair part so you can display her with an embarrassed face and with her hair down, which for me, just increases her cuteness even more on top of looking more feminine that way. It’s really not a figure that’s bound to grab attention at first glance, but even so, as with most of Alter’s works, for all of its simplicity, it makes up for sheer excellence in sculpt and coloring. The numerous creases on her clothes are also given due attention as proven by the meticulous shading done on them; a rarity among most manufacturers. I personally would’ve wanted a Charlotte figure with her IS, but that would’ve been much more expensive and really, Charlotte isn’t really known for her IS among all the girls (in fact, she uses the outdated model) in the series. She does make up for it with being the most lovable of Ichika’s harem, which this figure tries to present admirably. For those who are dead set on getting this, pre-orders will open on November 2. No price has been given yet, but this should be more affordable than the usual.


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