Movic Sells “Mawaru Penguindrum” Hat, Wants to Turn Your Imoutos Into Fabulous She-Penguins

“Mawaru Penguindrum” has been one of the more out-of-this-world anime offerings this year, crafted by none other than Kunihiko Ikuhara of “Utena” and “Sailor Moon” fame. The story revolves around the Takakura twins as they search for the mysterious Penguindrum to keep their sister, Himari, alive. All the while, however, Himari sometimes falls into a tranced state where she’s possessed by a mysterious penguin hat and suddenly becomes fabulousness personified. Think “Star Driver,” only this time as a girl and with a much more irritable personality. This magical transformation has delighted fans worldwide and Movic, maker of high-quality anime character goods, is caving in to the demand of fans for more “Penguindrum” items with their latest release of Himari’s mysterious penguin hat. Pre-orders have just started for this one of a kind item which will cost 2625 yen. The item is already available at your favorite online store and an exact release date of January 19, 2012 has been mentioned. This will likely be very popular not only among the anime’s niche fan base, but with cosplayers as well who wish to initiate their own Survival Strategy.


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