Anime Festival Asia 2011 Exclusive Goods Make Me Jelly

November is just around the corner and that means lucky people who so happen to be in Singapore on the 11th to the 13th will finally be able to experience the joy that is Anime Festival Asia 2011 (AFA 2011). Of course, being one of those unlucky ones to be stuck here in the Philippines, I’m jelly as hell, not only because of the special guest appearances (May’n, LiSA, FLOW, etc.) and of course the much anticipated booths of Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya, but also because of the limited edition AFA-only merchandise by notable character goods companies like Cospa and Muse, like the Madoka-themed ones above (OH GOD, I WANT THAT “TRUST ME” KYUBEY SHIRT!). If you’ve got a friend who’s going to the event, then it’s time to buddy up to him or her, you know, maybe like over dinner or something. If not, then the best thing to do is get a towel for the tears and drool dripping from your facial cavities for not being able to get these items.

So many exclusive stuff, so much regrets and sorrow. Seeing these just makes you more motivated to belly up your piggy bank and hopefully, save enough pennies and change to go to next year’s edition. Then again, that Kyubey shirt won’t be available by then. *sobs in a corner*

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