Gift Saber/Extra Still Has That Controversial Look, Along With That Expensive Price

Satoshi Toda is a divisive name in the figure collecting industry. He’s a one-of-a-kind sculptor whose works are either a breath of fresh air or a blasphemy to character designers. This debate will only deepen with Gift’s latest pre-order announcement of Toda’s Saber Extra scale figure from the PSP game, “Fate/Extra”. Like the 3 previous Sabers (Saber, Saber Alter and Saber Lily), all of which also received his infamous detailing treatment, this crimson Saber also features the distinctive “Toda face” which is more akin to an actual human face rather than the wide-eyed anime design. However, what should make this Saber appeal to a lot of people is the way the sculptor infused such intricate detailing patterns on her dress, which is one of the most impressive done yet on a figure. The shiny red painting also accentuates the rich and regal aura this figure resonates with. For those who aren’t fond of the plastic surgery done on her, I’m happy to say that Gift’s Saber Extra will also be having an anime styled face included in the package so you can display her with the normal Saber look. If you’re a fan of unorthodox figures that push the boundaries of what’s possible or just a regular “Fate” franchise fan, then pre-order this beauty now. She will be released in May 2012 for a premium price of 9800 yen.


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