Alter Yui Hirasawa Gets Re-released, Get One While You Still Can

Since her release last year, Alter’s Yui Hirasawa has been one of the most popular releases from the exalted scale figure manufacturer and with good reason. Among their K-ON! line, Yui probably looks the best out of the five in terms of overall execution. Mio had an unsatisfactory face, Mugi was too demure, Azusa looked more feline than usual and well Ritsu had an uncomfortable pose. Yui, on the other hand, looks like she came straight out of the anime, exhibiting the same youthful energy she’s known for. I, myself, used to own one of these and I can attest to the quality finish and sculpt that it possesses. Sadly, I sold her because I needed the funds at that time. So why the feature on a year old figure? Well, she’s getting her 2nd re-release and for those who are desperately searching for this Yui for a much more decent price than what scalpers and resellers are offering, now is the time to strike! AmiAmi just listed her as available and in stock now so you might want to take this chance while you still can. After all, it’s rare for a manufacturer to release a figure more than once nowadays, and with this being Yui’s 3rd release already, chances are you won’t be getting a 4th try. Her price tag? A delectable 6800 yen.


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