Figure Review: Max Factory Figma Kirino Kousaka

It’s been a while since my last blog post :D.
Now I’m back with a Figure Review of Figma’s Rendition of Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake wa Ga Nai.

She was released Late May this year and will be re-released this month at the SRP of 2666 Japanese Yen.

Here’s how the box looks like and this figma is also the product number 99 in their series . She comes with her tsundere face plate while packed inside.

And here are the contents of the box. We have the main figure (of course), two alternate feet which is her socks, two extra face plates (a smiling and an angry face). Two  blank DVDs (there will be a sticker sheet included with two designs). She also comes with 9 Hands 5 Right hands 4 Left hands. The bag she uses in school is also included and folded arm parts. And of course a Figma stand which is issued in every figma released.

Here’s Kirino’s signature pose which she has in the 1st cover of the manga.

What i love about this figma is you can put the DVDs inside her bag as well.

 Here’s her angry face, She’s so cute when she’s angry :D.

Articulation wise its typical figma articulation and it is AWESOME!  Much like the Figma Mato which Murakami Night reviewed ( her skirt is also layered which improved leg articulation greatly.

Just for fun here’s her “Bakajannaino” pose (

My Favorite face plate the cute smiling one!!  Kirino is just so adorable when she’s smiling :D

“Will you watch Meruru with me?”

 Another feature of the “Layered Skirt” >:).

Neko neko Kirino :3

(Nekomimi from Figma Azusa Nakano.)


(Guitar from Figma Azusa Nakano.)

Final Thoughts:

I’m not much of a Figma collector I only bought this for the sake of the character. In my opinion Max factory did a good job on her Figma rendition. But the only thing I wish they’ve included is more accessories. And its wierd that they didn’t include her signature pink cellphone and her KIRA~~~ hand . Putting those aside this Figma is a good buy specially if you love the anime and the character as well (like me).

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