FREEing Erio is Unexplainably Poor, To The Sale Bin She Goes

FREEing is a company that works closely with Good Smile Company, with GSC being their distributor, and therefore their products should be of the same quality, right? Sadly, that does not hold true and this sordid fact is never more true than in FREEing’s Towa Erio of the anime “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko.” Just one glance at it and I don’t even have to explain why it looks so repulsive. Everything about it is just a show of clumsy painting and less than acceptable sculpting. I’m no figure maker and won’t pretend to be one, but this is absolutely inexcusable. FREEing should’ve implemented stricter quality checks on this one before it even went out for pre-orders. I’m honestly at a loss for words here as Erio offerings from other less heralded manufacturers look so much more enticing to buy than this abomination. The painting application is rough, the face is unrecognizable and the entire figure just looks half-baked and rushed into production. Simply put, this one is far from deserving of the 7500 yen it commands. This one’s going out in February 2012 but if ever you’re planning to get one just to complete an Erio shrine, wait a month or so for this to appear on some lonely sale bin. I’m very very veryyyyyyy sure this one’s bound to show up with a 50% or greater discount by then.


One thought on “FREEing Erio is Unexplainably Poor, To The Sale Bin She Goes

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