Alter Luke fon Fabre Previewed, Fan Girls Salivate Over Exposed Abs

After dazzling us with their announced Orihara Izaya scale figure, Alter is doing it another time with their just previewed rendition of “Tales of the Abyss'” lead male, Luke fon Fabre. Launched under their highly acclaimed ALTAiR product line, which caters to the female demographic and features popular male characters, Luke looks to retain that signature Alter quality and is sure to be a hit among the intended market. The figure has so many points of discussion that I don’t even know where to start, but know that every single detail on this is simply gorgeous. The flame-like color gradient on the hair, for example, is just jaw-dropping. The pose, while not exactly original, still makes him look like he’s in motion. Even the base deviates from the usual boring circular bases that Alter is known to use. What’s even better is that Luke comes with an additional head with shorter hair and a more youthful appearance. I’m not familiar with “Abyss'” storyline but nonetheless, the additional head should provide fans with more options on how to display this redhead. Oh and of course, female fans will be delighted to know that his abs are in full view here. There’s no announcement of prices or of the release date yet, but seeing that he’s already been put up on ALTAiR’s blog, it won’t be long before he’s up for pre-orders.


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