GSC Tomoe Mami Struts Her Guns (and Saimoe Title) to Your Figure Shelf

Saimoe 2011 champion and leading proponent of physically gifted mahou shoujo, Tomoe Mami, is now joining the ranks of Good Smile Company’s scale figure lineup, along with the previously announced Kaname Madoka and Akemi Homura of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” fame. Despite lasting only 3 episodes with her head on, the blonde beauty has proven to be a surprise favorite among otaku brethren due to her level headed nature and elegant aura. GSC captures her best assets without fail in this 1/8 scale figure, which in my opinion, is just about perfect in every way. There might be some little nuances here and there, like visible seams, that detract from the overall result, but other than that, this is one seriously great figure. I’m kind of worried about the one legged pose, but being a respected and trusted manufacturer, I’m crossing my fingers that they’ve put some thought into the construction of the foot peg. Like Madoka and Homura, she also comes with option weapon parts for a varied pose. While it does not look like a natural pose, the muskets are sure to please those who like displaying their figures with all accessories in tow. But what’s even better is that those who are in a worried state about their finances can breathe a sigh of relief as GSC’s Tomoe Mami will be released in April 2012, giving them time to save up the 7800 yen she commands.

One thought on “GSC Tomoe Mami Struts Her Guns (and Saimoe Title) to Your Figure Shelf

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