BQ Double IS Previews – Britain VS France

More and more Figures are coming to light and showing some colored previews. Now after the main girl was shown, it’s time to release two other girls from the Mecha Musume Anime Infinite Stratos to be included in WAVE’s Beach Queens line. It’s Britain’s Cecilia Alcott and France’s Charlotte Dunois. Well one thing is quite for sure, they’re quite beautiful strutting their beach wear. Both girls are somewhat more appealing to my eyes than the Tsundere Houki.

Cecilia looks quite beautiful and stunning. She’s definitely quite blue in her wear even the ball she has and a blue towel, which can be removed to reveal more skin… For me, I’d keep that towel on.

Char/Charlotte is definite a beauty. The figure looks quite plain, yet its beautiful and I know a certain person here would be gunning for this girl in no time flat.

Both girls in their sexy and nice swimsuit will be released by May of 2012 at a price 3990 yen which you people can be Jelly.


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