Figure Review: Wave Beach Queens Kirino Kousaka

Hello again blog readers.
I’m back with a review of one of the figs I’ve acquired last UP AME and she made her debut there as well.

This is Wave’s version of Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

She was released last May 2011 at the SRP of 3,990 Japanese Yen. 


First of all we look at of course the figure itself. Wave did a splendid job on this one the hair is spot on and the paint job is superb even her swimsuit looks cute.

Now here’s some of the details of the figure. I love that they also did her nails with pink which suits her swimsuit and her gorgeous flowing hair even the color is accurate.

There’s a seam line on her hair but that seam line has a purpose. I’ll show it later in this post.

Here’s the base which like other Beach Queens figures is a plain base with a sand design to portray a sandy beach floor.

That little peg is needed to connect the figure to the base. Be extra careful while handling the figure with the base since the peg looks very fragile it might break and the figure wont be able to stand anymore.

Here’s one of the most interesting parts of this figure you can remove the legs to remover her shorts (evil_grin).

Her shorts is made of a soft material be careful while removing it because it might rip.


Here’s Kirino’s LUSCIOUS BUTT >:)

Remember the seam line on her head? There is a seam there because she comes with another face plate which is the shy look.

You can replace the face plate like how you replace face plates with nendoroids and figmas the head is detachable to two pieces and change the face.

This is the part that scares me the most the ball jointed neck. I suggest you just use one face plate and stick to it because these joints are prone to breaking and the face plates are tight as heck. I had a hard time changing her face plates because the joint is tight.

And here’s her Shy face plate and its so adorable too but i prefer the cheerful one :)

Final Thoughts:

So far this version is my 2nd favorite out of my 5 Kirino figures wave really did a splendid job on this one and anyone notice that her oppai is bigger in this version? I guess Wave gave Kiririn a push up bra in this one. Good Job Wave!! Considering the price I got for her (1500php) Its a good buy and a MUST buy for Kiririn fans (like me).


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