Nendoroid Sanada Yukimura Arrives to Please His New Oyakata-sama (That Means You)

Sanada Yukimura of the highly stylized and unrealistic wartime anime, “Sengoku BASARA,” will be joining the growing Nendoroid lineup courtesy of Phat! Company. You might be thinking “why not GSC if it’s a Nendoroid?” Recently, GSC has been licensing the Nendoroid brand to its partner manufacturers such as the aforementioned Phat!, FREEing and even Max Factory. So while they’re not made by GSC, they’re still under the Nendoroid family. Moving on, like Masamune before him, Sanada comes with a number of accessories that depict him in the heat of battle. Most prominent of these are his face plates, which personally are much more enjoyable to look and play with than Masamune’s. There’s also the pained expression he wears when he doesn’t live up to his’ and Takeda’s grand expectations, although I can already imagine a lot of fujoshi excited to use this face plate for other purposes. He comes with 2 spears, which interestingly could also be connected to form the double sided spear he occasionally uses in the TV series. Overall, this one looks to be another solid addition to the already mighty impressive and constantly improving Nendoroid family. Phat! Company’s Nendoroid Sanada Yukimura will be released in March 2012 for 3500 yen.


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