Nendoroid Morishima Haruka Teases Your Wallet, Open to Knee Kisses

With “Amagami SS” receiving a second season due to popular demand, Good Smile Company is taking advantage of this by releasing its first ever “Amagami” Nendoroid. Of course, being the poster girl of the franchise, Morishima Haruka, is the first one to herald this new Nendoroid series. While I haven’t been enticed to watch the show, probably due to the visual novel style with no overarching plot, from what I can tell, the Nendoroid perfectly captures the playful image of Haruka. The face is spot on with the original art (it’s amazing how each successive Nendoroid becomes much more accurate than the last) and she even gets accessories that actually let you recreate her most famous poses, including the infamous “kiss behind the knees” scene. The Nendoroid lineup continues to grow at a rapid pace and this is just an example of how it gradually expands to more and more franchises. This can only be good for collectors who want more diverse choices, but at the same time, less desirable for completists who want every single released Nendoroid out there. Anyways, the beautiful Morishima Haruka will be selling for 3500 yen and she’ll be asking you to kiss her knees in March 2012.


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