Alter and GSC Team Up for Gumako Figure, Part of Cheerful Japan! Effort

Gumako, for those who don’t know her, is Good Smile Company’s mascot, and being their flag bearer, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a scale figure of hers’ made as seen above. However, what makes this 1/8 scale figure even more interesting is that despite being GSC’s character, it’s actually made by Alter. In an unprecedented move, the two rival companies are working together this time for the Cheerful Japan! campaign. Tsumezuka Hiroyuki, a sculptor of Alter’s, is at the helm for this figure and while I’m not sure this can be considered one of his better works, mostly due to the extremely plain pose, the overall quality of the figure cannot be doubted, especially with both premier companies working at it. Simple or not, the look of Gumako is captured perfectly here and painting looks to be spotless as well. Being a collaboration, I just wish that the pose was more energetic seeing as to how this figure is supposed to exude a cheerful aura. Anyways, there’s also an added face plate so you can display Gumako with a smiling expression. How to get this historic figure? As with other Cheerful Japan! figures of past, this one can be ordered only through Good Smile’s Online Shop for 6000 yen. Apart from the base price, 2000 yen will also be charged for international shipping. Being part of the Cheerful campaign, GSC will be donating 1000 yen to the Japan earthquake relief efforts for each figure sold so apart from getting a rare figure, you’re also helping people through your purchase. Isn’t that great? Anyways, Gumako will be arriving at the doorsteps of those who ordered her in April 2012.


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