MegaHouse Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei and Kotobukiya Yami Yugi Figures Coming Next Year, Childhood Nostalgia Hits Big Time

Freshly brought to you from MegaHobby Expo 2011 in Japan, MegaHouse and Kotobukiya are bringing back the classics with these 3 blockbuster figures (make that 4) coming to you next year. First up from MegaHouse is in my opinion, one of their greatest announcements so far, as they will be introducing the “Yu Yu Hakusho” series into their much celebrated G.E.M. line of male figures. Being one of the pioneer anime here in the Philippines, this will surely be a delight for Filipino fans who have long craved for accurate and high-quality renditions of their childhood idols. So far, MegaHouse has confirmed 3 characters from the series who will be brought to life in PVC. They are:

  • Urameshi Yusuke (not in the picture but confirmed)
  • Kurama
  • Hiei

There’s no sight of Kuwabara, but I’m guessing since the G.E.M. line’s main market is women, MegaHouse opted to cater to them by releasing the more handsome looking characters first. As a huge (it’s an understatement actually) fan of the anime, I simply cannot pass on getting these, much like how I feel about the “Rurouni Kenshin” G.E.M. figures. All of them will be released in 2012 so there’s still a lot of time to go to save for them.

Slightly less popular, but still beloved here in the country is “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and while Kotobukiya has already released Dark Magician Girl as a scale figure before, none of us could’ve expected that they will also be releasing Yami Yugi (or Atem) as a scale figure. For one, he’s a guy and Kotobukiya has yet to release much in terms of shounen-based males. But here he is and from the looks of it, he is gorgeously accurate and stylish much like how he appears in the show. He also sports the incredibly cool Duel Disk system for added visual impact. He’s going to be 1/7 scaled like Dark Magician Girl and is also on track for a 2012 release like the “Yu Yu Hakusho” figures above.


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