Hobby Japan January 2012 Scans (Max Factory Luka WOOT!!!)

The latest scans from Japan’s highly respected hobby magazine, Hobby Japan, have just come out and as usual, oodles of new figures to look forward to are once again in the spotlight. This issue seems to be much more interesting than the last two were, particularly due to the presence of very recognizable characters most otaku identify with.

The biggest scene stealer? While Alter’s Nanoha Swimsuit Ver. and Selvaria Bles Swimsuit Ver. both look very delectable and carry the same brand of quality from the manufacturer, those figures are notched down to second place by the much awaited announcement of a Megurine Luka figure as seen in the bottom center page above. The said Luka figure will be made by veteran company, Max Factory, and will be based on the vaunted design of popular artist, Tony Taka. Judging from the art work, Tony’s rendition of Luka makes her even more voluptuous and should prove to be popular among Vocaloid fans. Apart from the figures mentioned above, more pages from the Hobby Japan issue this month can be seen below, with even more goodies to get excited about.

So many figures, so little money. I don’t even know where to start. Despite the mostly lackluster lineup that 2011 was (at least for me), 2012 proves to be much much more palatable, especially with so many hit series receiving the figure treatment. Some of the noteworthy pieces here are of course, figma Sakura Kyoko, which we’ve already covered in the last HJ issue, Nendoroid Taneshima Poplar (oh god, another tempting Nendoroid) and what I think is the biggest announcement here apart from Luka, MegaHouse’s G.E.M. Kotetsu Kaburagi from the mega hit anime, “Tiger and Bunny.” Of course, lolicon figure otaku also have much to look forward to such as Kotobukiya’s Towa Erio (“Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko”), Menma (“Ano Hana”) and Fear in Cube (“C³ – Cube x Cursed x Curious”) . If these figures are any indication of what to expect in 2012, then next year will truly be the end… the end of our wallets. As always, when in doubt, plan your purchases wisely.

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