Volunteer Your Figures for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Display!!! (Our Biggest, Grandest and Best One Yet!)

In one month, Team Onii-chan! will be having its greatest event ever (I know I said our AME Monogatari one was but this one’s even bigger) and as always, we will be having another display for all attendees to see and appreciate. However, unlike before where the display was segmented by toy line (scale figures, Nendoroids, articulated figures), for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special, we will be grouping figures according to popular series. This doesn’t mean that figures whose characters do not fall under the series mentioned below will be left out. In fact, we will be providing a separate area for those figures as well. The rationale behind grouping figures by series is that it helps people who are more familiar with the shows look at the figures since they’re all in a shared space, rather than having them scan the display by toy line. We believe that this set-up would cater best to the general public and not just toy collectors, which is really what the thrust of this convention is; to spread the joy of figure collecting not just to existing collectors, but to everyone.

Here are the different series and the slots for lending. As always, to lend your figure, just comment below this post with your name, contact details and the figure which you’ll be lending. Note that since lending will be on a per series basis, you have to state the toy line that the figure is from (e.g. Nendoroid)

Figure lending is open to everyone!

Please don’t mind the numbering of slots. We will add more slots should the need arise.

Blank “Owner” slots means it’s open for anyone to lend :)

K-ON! Owner
1/8 Alter Hirasawa Yui Marvz
1/8 Alter Akiyama Mio School Festival Ver. Marvz
1/8 Alter Kotobuki Tsumugi Marvz
1/8 Alter Nakano Azusa Marvz
1/8 Alter Ritsu Tainaka
1/8 Alter Mio Akiyama Ash
1/8 Kyoto Animation Nakano Azusa Abiel
1/8 Kyoto Animation Akiyama Mio Ending Ver. Mariz
1/8 Kyoto Animation Hirasawa Yui Ending Ver. Mariz
1/7 Max Factory Nakano Azusa Casual Ver. Tor
Nendoroid Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu Live Stage Ver. Teepee
Nendoroid Hirasawa Yui and Kotobuki Tsumugi Live Stage Ver. Teepee
Nendoroid Petit K-On! complete set (12 pcs) Adam
Nendoroid Akiyama Mio Teepee
Nendoroid Azusa Nakano Teepee
Nendoroid Yui Hirasawa Teepee
Nendoroid Tsumugi Kotobuki Teepee
Nendoroid Ritsu Tainaka Teepee
figma Hirasawa Yui Ada/Cleo
figma Akiyama Mio Ada/Cleo
figma Tainaka Ritsu Ada/Cleo
figma Kotobuki Tsumugi Ada/Cleo
figma Nakano Azusa Ada/Cleo
figma Manabe Nodoka Ada/Cleo
figma Hirasawa Ui Ada/Cleo
Banpresto Suzuki Jun Ada
Nendoroid Ui Hirasawa Teepee
open slot
open slot
open slot
open slot
Black★Rock Shooter Owner
1/8 GSC Black★Rock Shooter -animation ver- Adam
1/8 GSC Black★Gold Saw -animation ver.- Zykes
1/8 GSC Strength -animation ver.- Zykes
1/8 GSC Dead Master -original ver.- Johari
1/8 GSC Black★Rock Shooter -original ver.-
1/8 GSC Black★Rock Shooter -blade ver.- Kyonko
1/8 GSC Dead Master -animation ver-
Nendoroid Black★Rock Shooter Kai
Nendoroid Dead Master Kai
Nendoroid Black★Gold Saw Kai
Nendoroid Strength Edo
Nendoroid Petite Yomi and Mato Kyonko
Nendoroid Petite Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master Kyonko
 figma Kuroi Mato Andrew
figma Black★Rock Shooter Kaycee
figma Yomi  Takanashi Patrick
figma Dead Master Jed
figma STR
figma Black★Gold Saw Jed
figma White Rock Shooter Jan Paul
figma Black★Rock Shooter 2035 ver Adam
Puchitto Rock Shooter Kyonko
Puchitto Rock Shooter Kai
open slot
open slot
Vocaloid Owner
1/8 Max Factory Kagamine Rin Meltdown Akari
1/8 GSC Hatsune Miku Lat. ver. Adam
SEGA Hatsune Miku Kaycee
1/8 GSC Hatsune Miku Angelyn
1/8 GSC Rin Kagamine
1/8 GSC Len Kagamine
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Hachune Ver. Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Cheerful Ver. Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Snow Playtime Ver. Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Snow Miku Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Racequeen 2010 Ver. Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Racequeen 2009 Ver. Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Racequeen 2011 Ver. Alex
Nendoroid Kaito Alex
Nendoroid Megurine Luka Alex
Nendoroid Kagamine Len Alex
Nendoroid Kagamine Rin Alex
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku HMO Ver. Alex
Nendoroid Petite Vocaloid Set Christine Dela Cruz
Chogokin Hatsune Miku Patrick
figma Hatsune Miku Adam
figma Rin Kagamine Adam
figma Len Kagamine Adam
figma Luka Megurine Adam
figma Hatsune Miku append Adam
figma Hatsune Miku -Live Stage ver-
open slot
open slot
open slot
open slot
open slot
Touhou Project Owner
1/8 Tiku Taku Rabbit Reimu Hakurei Onii-chan
1/8 Hobby Japan Reimu Hakurei Onii-chan
1/7 Griffon Enterprises Remilia Scarlet -Gungnir Ver.- Onii-chan
Nendoroid Reimu Hakurei Jed
Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet Dianne
Nendoroid Flandre Scarlet Dianne
Nendoroid Marisa Kirisame Dianne
Nendoroid Youmu Konpaku Dianne
Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji Dianne
Nendoroid Cirno Patrick
Nendoroid Marisa Kirisame
figma Reimu Hakurei Patrick
figma Ibuki Suika Patrick
figma Sakuya Patrick
1/8 Phat! Company Yukari Yakumo Patrick
1/8 Ques Q Alice Margatroid Patrick/Nue
1/8 Griffon Tatara Kogasa Nue
Kotobukiya Aya Shameimaru Nue
1/8 Griffon Kamishirasawa Keine Nue
open slot
Bakemonogatari Owner
1/8 GSC Hanekawa Tsubasa Paul
1/7 Alter Black Hanekawa Paul
1/8 GSC Senjougahara Hitagi Ash
1/8 GSC Sengoku Nadeko Cza
1/8 GSC Hachikuji Mayoi
1/8 GSC Kanbaru Subaru
Nendoroid Petite Bakemonogatari Set 1 Teepee
Nendoroid Petite Bakemonogatari Set 2 Teepee
Nendoroid Petite Bakemonogatari Set 3 Teepee
figma Araragi Koyomi Adam
figma Hitagi Senjougahara Adam
figma Mayoi Hachikuji Adam
figma Kanbaru Sugura Adam
[Garage Kit] Black Hanekawa Paul
open slot
open slot
open slot
open slot
open slot
Fate/Stay Night Owner
1/10 Wave Beach Queen Saber ShouTakuya
1/10 Wave Beach Queen Rin Tohsaka Paul
1/10 Wave Beach Queen Sakura Matou Paul
1/7 GSC Saber Triumphant Excalibur Seigis
1/7 GSC Saber Lily -Distant Avalon ver- Czarina
1/7 GSC Saber Lily -Golden Caliburn-
1/7 GSC Saber -Iron Hammer of the Terrible King Vortigern Czarina
Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Ver. Jed
Nendoroid Saber Lily Abiel
Nendoroid Saber Lion Abiel
Nendoroid Hetare Saber Teepee
Nendoroid Petite Fate/Stay Night Set 2 Teepee
Nendoroid Petite Illya Teepee
Revoltech Saber Alter Joseph Diaz
Revoltech Saber Teepee
Figma Saber Jan Paul
Figma Saber Lily Jan Paul
Figma Saber Extra Jan Paul
Figma Saber Alter Jan Paul
Figma Tohsaka Rin Jan Paul
Figma Emiya Shiro [includes UBW base] Jan Paul
Figma Rider Jan Paul
[Garage Kit] Saber Lily Black Ver. Paul
[Garage Kit] Saber Extra Paul
BEAT Hetare Fate/hollow ataraxia Teepee
1/8 GSC Modest Maid Rider Shikaze
1/8 GSC Noble Maid Tohsaka Rin Shikaze
1/8 GSC Beautiful Maid Saber Shikaze
Nendoroid Hetare Saber Alter Teepee
Nendoroid Hetare Saber Lion Teepee


Large Figures
1. 1/8 MegaHouse Kurosaki Ichigo Bankai Ver. (Onii-chan)
2. 1/8 MegaHouse Himura Kenshin (Onii-chan)
3. 1/8 MegaHouse Himura Kenshin Battousai Ver. (Onii-chan)
4. 1/8 MegaHouse Serizawa Fumino (Marvz)
5. 1/8 MegaHouse Kiriya Nozomi (Marvz)
6. 1/6 Yamato Creator’s Labo Asuka Langley Shikinami (Jed)
7. 1/6 Yamato Creator’s Labo Rei Ayanami Ver.2 (Jed)
8. 1/6 Kotobukiya Amaha Masane Installing Ver. (Jed)
9. 1/8 Kotobukiya Shikinami Asuka Langley (Jed)
10. 1/8 Kotobukiya Kuroneko (Lanlan)
11. [Garage Kit] Erza Scarlet (Paul)
12. 1/8 Chara-Ani Busujima Saeko (Paul)
13. 1/8 Chara-Ani Miyamoto Rei (Paul)
14. Yamato Noyamano Ringo (Paul)
15. Kotobukiya Nymph (Alex)
16. Alter Nodocchi (Kaycee)
17. SEGA Kousaka Kirino (Kai)
18. 1/8 Kotobukiya Kousaka Kirino (Kai)
19. 1/10 Wave Beach Queen Kousaka Kirino (Kai)
20. Alter Yoshika Miyafuji (Kyonko)
21. Alter Sanya V. Litvyak (Kyonko)
22. Alter Charlotte E. Yeager (Kyonko)
23. Alter Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke (Kyonko)
24. Kotobukiya Erica Hartmann (Kyonko)
25. Kotobukiya Gertrud Barkhorn (Kyonko)
26. 1/10 Movic Saitou Hajime (Akari)
27. 1/10 Movic Hijikata Toshizou (Akari)
28. 1/10 Movic Okita Souji (Akari)
29. 1/8 Kotobukiya Belldandy Everyone Has Wings (Ash)
30. 1/8 Kotobukiya Belldandy Casual Dress (Ash)
31. 1/6 Kotobukiya Rei Ayanami (Ash)
32. 1/8 Alter Houmei (Tor)
33. 1/8 Alter Momohime (Tor)
34. 1/8 Alter KOS-MOS Ver. 4 (Paul)
35. Movic Yuki-Onna (Paul)
36. 1/8 MegaHouse Aldra (Chris)
37. 1/7 Griffon Enterprises Airi (Chris)
38. 1/7 Max Factory Kureha Swimsuit Ver. (Chris)
39. 1/7 Max Factory Xecty Swimsuit Ver. (Chris)
40. 1/7 Max Factory Seena Swimsuit Ver. (Chris)
41. 1/8 GSC Eri Sawachika (Ash)
42. 1/7 Kotobukiya Black Neige Swimsuit (Ash)
43. 1/7 Max Factory Elwing Swimsuit Ver. (Ash)
44. 1/8 Megahouse POP Boa Hancock (Jed)
45. Vispo Keumaya Hyper Nurse Yuno-chan (Dave)
46. Banpresto Master Stars Piece Monkey D. Luffy (Mariz)
47. Banpresto The Grandline Men Monkey D. Luffy Vol.1 (Mariz)
48. Banpresto The Grandline Men Monkey D. Luffy Vol. 5 (Mariz)
49. Banpresto The Grandline Men Monkey D. Luffy Vol.10 (Mariz)
50. 1/8 MegaHouse Portraits of Pirates DX Monkey D. Luffy (Mariz)
51. 1/8 MegaHouse Portraits of Pirates Neo Sogeking (Mariz)
52. 1/8 Kotobukiya Kousaka Kirino Bakajannaino ver (Kai)
53. 1/8 Alter Dizzy (Tor)
54. 1/1 GSC Kyubey (Marcel)

Nendoroids/other small figures
1. Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Marvz)
2. Nendoroid Akemi Homura (Marvz)
3. Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Jed)
4. Nendoroid Kuroneko (Lanlan)
5. Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Teepee)
6. Nendoroid Kousaka Kirino (Kai)
7. Nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford (Game Ver.) (Kyonko)
8. Nendoroid Yuki Nagato (Shoushitsu Version) (Joseph Diaz)
9. Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Kai)
10. Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Lanlan)
11. Banpresto SQ Boa Hancock (Mariz)
12. Nendoroid Archbishop (Tor)
13. Nendoroid Makise Kurisu (Leet)
14. Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Leet)
15. Nendoroid Yagyu Jubei (Jed)
16. Nendoroid Akemi Homura (Leet)
17. Nendoroid Akemi Homura (Kai)
18. Nendoroid Elsie (Angelyn)

Articulated figures
1. S.H.FiguArts Wild Tiger (Andrew)
2. S.H.FiguArts Barnaby Brooks (Andrew)
3. figma Kuroneko (Lanlan)
4. figma Kousaka Kirino (Kai)
5. figma Mirai (Joseph Diaz)
6. figma Teana Lanster (Jan Paul)
7. figma Hayate Yagami (Jan Paul)
8. figma Signum (Jan Paul)
9. figma Kaname Madoka (Patrick)
10. figma Akemi Homura (Patrick)
11. figma KOS-MOS Ver. 4 (Tor)
12. figma Suzumiya Haruhi Summer Ver. (Tor)
13. figma Izumi Konata Cosplay Ver. (Tor)
14. figma Suzumiya Haruhi Middle School Ver. (Tor)
15. Revoltech Woody (Chris)
16. Revoltech Buzz Lightyear (Chris)
17. Revoltech QB Airi (Chris)
18. Revoltech Ymir (Ada)
19. Griffon Figutto Tamaki Kousaka (Dave)

Once again, we’d like to extend our thanks for all those who have supported us so far and we hope that you can join this display as well. This is a very historic event in terms of being the first figure-centered convention in the Philippines and we’re very glad to be a part of it.


173 thoughts on “Volunteer Your Figures for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Display!!! (Our Biggest, Grandest and Best One Yet!)

  1. adding:
    Nendoroid Akiyama Mio
    Nendoroid Azusa Nakano
    Nendoroid Yui Hirasawa
    Nendoroid Tsumugi Kotobuki
    Nendoroid Ritsu Tainaka
    Nendoroid Ui Hirasawa

    ~ let me know which face plate to bring :)

  2. I want to Volunteer My Evangelion “Portraits” Figures here:
    -Shinji Ikari
    -Rei Ayanami(Blue Yukata Ver.)
    -Misato Katsuragi (Bikini Ver.)

    And An Asuka Langley Soryu Figure(School Uniform Version)…


    You can search them in Google for their Info… :D

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  4. I’m sorry, but due to some family matters that will take place in the last week of December, I will not be able to participate in the figure display, so I will have to withdraw my volunteered figures. :(

    However, Team Oniichan can rest assured that they are my favored and first- priority org when it comes to figure displays, so if there will be another display event and there is no conflict in my schedule, you can expect my participation. :)

  5. will lend GSC 1/7 Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~
    and Alter 1/8 Mio Akiyama – School Uniform Ver.

    remove POP Boa from the list, I’ll ask Jed to lend his own boa na lang…

    9 large figs….this would be my career high… XD

  6. Hi, I would also like to lend my boys all of them are mostly Luffy though.
    I thought that seeing at least one Luffy would be nice in the display since Ichigo is there on the list =)) or maybe I’m just a One Piece fan hahaha
    – Banpresto Master Stars Piece Monkey D. Luffy
    – Banpresto The Grandline Men Monkey D. Luffy Vol.1
    – Banpresto The Grandline Men Monkey D. Luffy Vol. 5
    – Banpresto The Grandline Men Monkey D. Luffy Vol.10
    – 1/8 Megahouse Portraits of Pirates DX Monkey D. Luffy
    – 1/8 Megahouse Portraits of Pirates Neo Sogeking

  7. Hello, i’m new with this kind of stuffs but i’d like to lend my Nendoroid of Makise Kurisu. Are there still available slots so i could lend this nendo of mine? :D

    • I would also like to ask what are the benefits of lending a figure? Since this is probably the first time that i’ll be planning to lend my figure. Anyway, i also have a Madoka Nendoroid so if you still need it i could also lend it along with my Makise Kurisu.

  8. …its me the secret member, the megenakko hunter… can I volunteer my:
    -1/8 GSC Modest Maid Rider
    -1/8 GSC Noble Maid Tohsaka Rin
    -1/8 GSC Beautiful Maid Saber

  9. Magvovolunteer po sana ako..

    LARGE Figure or Articulated Figure:

    – 1/7 or 1/8 PVC Keumaya Final Hyper Nurse figma, Character: YUNO
    – 1/7 PVC Figma To Heart 2, Character: KOUSAKA TAMAKI

  10. Touhou shrine? Godfuckingdamn, I wish I have a car to bring all my statics. Medyo mukhang malaki event based on your hype so, gusto ko i-lend si Griffon Kogasa, Koto Aya, at Qq Alice (someone already wishes to lend that. Kung mailelend ni Murakami kanya, palitan ko na lang ng Griffon Satori).


  11. I think vinolunteer na ni Zykes yung figma STR? XD And nawawala si figma Sakuya sa list haha. Still pending for me parang kay Yukari which is only if I can go
    – Ques Q Alice Margatroid

    Volunteering an additional na din:
    – figma Takanashi Yomi

  12. will also lend GSC 1/8 Eri Sawachika, Kotobukiya 1/7 Blanc Neige Swimsuit and Max Factory 17 Elwing… :)

    and since may SQ boa hancock, lend ko na rin si Megahouse 1/8 POP Boa Hancock

  13. K-On!
    – 1/8 Kyoto Animation Akiyama Mio
    – 1/8 Kyoto Animation Hirasawa Yui
    – 1/7 Nakano Azusa Casual (Max Factory)

    Other series
    – SQ Boa Hancock (Banpresto)

  14. -1/8 houmei ALTER
    -1/8 momohime ALTER
    -nendoroid archbishop
    -figma kos-mos
    -figma haruhi suzumiya summer version
    -figma konata izumi cosplay version
    -figma haruhi suzumiya middle school version

    -1/7 nakano azusa – casual (max factory)

  15. Bakemonogatari
    – Figma Araragi Koyomi
    – Figma Hitagi Senjougahara
    – Figma Mayoi Hachikuji
    – Figma Kanbaru Sugura

    – 1/8 GSC Hatsune Miku Lat. ver.
    – Figma Hatsune Miku
    – Figma Rin Kagamine
    – Figma Len Kagamine
    – Figma Luka Megurine
    – Figma Hatsune Miku append

    – 1/8 GSC Black Rock Shooter animation ver.

  16. Bakemonogotari:
    GSC 1/8 Hitagi

    Other Series:
    Kotobukiya 1/8 Belldandy Everyone Has Wings
    Kotobukiya 1/8 Belldandy Casual Dress
    Kotobukiya 1/6 Rei Ayanami

    also lending my full power…heart and soul for the good of the team…. :)))

    will add more if there will be more slots….4 large figs as of now…will give chance to others…ahihi

  17. Since All of the Saber I’ve got are taken. This is the only one I can lend

    1/10 Beach Queen Saber

    Will add more if decided which one to share

  18. Can I volunteer my Hakuouki 1/10 figures for lending? Kaya lang 3 lang sila D:

    I could also bring my Meltdown Rin. One of my VN02 Miku’s wings snapped off while I was cleaning my cabinet :(

  19. I can leave it with onii-chan I guess if I sched doesn’t permit me to.
    Volunteering the following:
    – figma Kaname Madoka
    – figma Akemi Homura (kung di mastuck sa holiday traffic)
    – nendoroid Cirno
    – figma Reimu Hakurei
    – figma Ibuki Suika
    – figma Sakuya Izayoi
    – Phat 1/8 Yakumo Yukari (only if I can go on the event)
    – Chogokin Hatsune Miku

  20. Figma Saber
    Figma Saber Alter
    Figma Saber Lily
    Figma Saber Nero
    Figma Rin Tosaka
    Figma Rider
    Figma Shiro Emiya
    Unlimited blade works base

    Figma Sigmum
    Figma Teana
    Figma Hayate

    Figma White rock shooter

  21. ALTER Yoshika Miyafuji
    ALTER Sanya V. Litvyak
    ALTER Charlotte E. Yeager
    ALTER Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
    Kotobukiya Erica Hartmann
    Kotobukiya Gertrud Barkhorn

    Nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford(GAME VER)

  22. Nendoroid Kousaka Kirino
    Figma Kousaka Kirino
    Wave 1/10 Kousaka Kirino
    Kotobukiya 1/8 Kousaka Kirino
    Sega Kirino
    4 Kirino 2.5 figs

    Nendoroid BRS
    Nendoroid DM
    Nendoroid STR
    Nendoroid BGS

  23. kaya kya dalhin lht? xD

    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku
    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Hachune Ver.
    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Cheerful Ver.
    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Snow Playtime Ver.
    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Snow Miku
    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Racequeen 2011 Ver. (not sure yet)
    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Racequeen 2010 Ver.
    -Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Racequeen 2009 Ver.
    -Nendoroid Kaito
    -Nendoroid Luka Megurine
    -Nendoroid Len Kagamine
    -Nendoroid Rin Kagamine

  24. Nendoroid Reimu Hakurei

    Nendoroid Saber 121 Full action

    +Nendoroid Madoka if ever there will be a madoka/ kyuubey shrine

    1/6 Yamato Creator’s Labo Asuka Langley Shikinami
    1/6 Yamato Creator’s Labo Rei Ayanami ver.2
    1/6 Kotobukiya Amaha Masane Installing Ver.
    1/8 Kotobukiya Shoryu Asuka Langley Shikinami (?) (would look good if rei & mari are present)

    Figma Dead Master
    Figma Black Gold Saw

    • Paadd po, my friend will be lending this
      Under Bakemonogatari:
      figma Hachikuji Mayoi
      then yung figma Kuroneko sa kanya na lang din po iunder thanks xD
      Hori po ung cname

  25. For Bakemonogatari:

    Black Hanekawa (Alter)
    Black Hanekawa (GK)
    Hanekawa Tsubasa (GSC)

    For Fate Stay Night:
    Rin Tousaka (GSC)
    Saber Lily (black version = GK)

    Other series:
    Erza Scarlet (GK)
    Saeko Busujima
    Rei Miyamoto

  26. i can Lend:

    —petit set2 (if it arrives before the event)
    —Hetare Saber Armor
    K-on! = Live Stage both set (should i bring the stage?)
    Bakemonogatari = petit set (1,2,3)
    Other Series = Crusader from Ragnarok
    Nendoroid Madoka = (if gagawa ng shrine ni madoka with all the faceplates displayed XD)

    feel free to choose which i’ll be bringing :)

  27. – ALTER Tsumugi
    – ALTER Azusa(Still survived)
    – ALTER Mio School Festival Version
    – ALTER Yui
    – NENDOROID Archbishop
    – NENDOROID Madoka
    – NENDOROID Homura(Kung umabot)
    – NENDOROID PETIT Touwa Erio
    – MEGAHOUSE Fumino Serizawa
    – MEGAHOUSE Nozomi (Nakalimutan apelyido)

    GO GO GO!

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