Quick Review: Phat Company Yakumo Yukari

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari

Hey there, Murakami Night here! Felt like forever since I last posted something here :3 And so, today, I bring you another “short” review of one of those scaled figures that I would call a masterpiece. And it’s none other than the Youkai of Boundaries, Yakumo Yukari, who coincidentally happens to be my main in the game Imperishable Night and my very first scaled figure from Touhou Project! XD

The figure also happens to be sculpted by my favorite, YOSHI, who also did my favorite Miku figure above all that I have and also the one who did that Gokokuden Marisa which I’m searching high and low just to get it. Anyway, enough fanboying for me and time to start the review!

For something that’s a first scaled figure for Touhou Project and from Phat Company, I was really amazed at the amount of work and effort for her sculpt as it was just superb! The frills, the details inside the skirt and all those folds on her clothes blends very well with the paint app by giving off that feel that it’s real cloth.

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo YukariPhat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari
Something that I really really liked about the figure rendition is that Yukari’s face is definitely lovelier than how it was back in the original art (at least for me that is) which can be found at the back of her box. The change was from a little cute rendition to a more mature and ladylike face which wins Yukari’s head sculpt for me by a long shot. 8D

Phat Company Yukari PackagingPhat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari

Despite how much I loved the figure, it is, of course, not, by any means, perfect; Yukari shares her own cons but this would probably be just nitpicking on my side since she is definitely solid. One of the easy eyesores for me were the eyes in the gap she’s sitting on. The red paint apps were just terrible as it felt like some spilled light red paint making it seemed like it was some sort of crowded sore eyes and the pupils aren’t too red, so Yukari’s flaw really lies on her gap “base”. The hair also could’ve used more detail rather than big lumps of plastic but the hair is really just nitpicking for me.

Her base would’ve been plain purple but thanks to the gap, it’s more of just a supporting base for the clear clamp so, the base is pretty neat. The clamp might look a little dangerous but it feels sturdy enough not to break over due time. (But again, that’s my personal opinion).

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari

One extra bonus is that her hat is removable, so, if you like your Yukari hatless, then you are free to do so and she’s still as gorgeous. (Though I personally like her with her hat on XD)

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo YukariPhat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo YukariThe figure as a whole stands around 22cm which is pretty big actually for someone who’s in a sitting pose; it might be because of the elevated base but Yukari herself is big for a fact. And as an idea of how tall she is, here’s a shot I took of her with figma Reimu. XD

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari

With her best angle definitely somewhere from direct in front or to where head is tilted at. Yukari is definitely a winner in a lot of way; despite some flaws she’s got, I definitely vouch that the figure is spot on, and is the best Yukari to date (at least for me). A highly recommended figure for Touhou figure collectors especially Yukari fans. (b O w O)b

Phat Company 1/8 Scaled Figure: Yakumo Yukari


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