New Rurouni Kenshin OVA Trailer Shows Ridiculously Designed Characters, Saitoh Undergoes Plastic Surgery

The official “Rurouni Kenshin” web site just put up a new trailer for the much awaited Shin Kyoto-hen OVA adaptation, which will be shown first in Japanese theaters on December 17, 2011. The 1 minute trailer does not show much in terms of actual action which the anime is very known for. Instead, all we’re shown are the new looks of the ever so familiar characters we’ve come to know and love. Granted this is a new adaptation with a different character designer, it’s understandable that there will be artistic liberties involved. Unfortunately, the liberty given to the designer given this time seems to have gone a bit too far (particularly Saitoh) as shown in the screenshots below.

Given that this is for Kenshin’s 15th year anniversary celebration, one might think that the movie is an excellent way to celebrate the greatness of the franchise. But seeing the resulting character design direction they went with and other painfully disdainful memories not to be brought up ever again, one might wonder if the 15 year bonanza for the franchise ever served any positive purpose at all.


3 thoughts on “New Rurouni Kenshin OVA Trailer Shows Ridiculously Designed Characters, Saitoh Undergoes Plastic Surgery

  1. Soujirou doesn’t look too bad, but the rest is just terrible. I just said basically the same things you did on my blog. I’m gonna watch this because I’m a RK superfan but I have no hope at all in it. Shishio’s fight told from Misao’s point of view? And where’s Hiko? And Kaoru?

    To me, the 15th anniversary had it’s advantages: the G.E.M series line. Apart from that, I agree with you. My hopes lie with the live-action movie.

  2. I suppose they were going for a less anime-styled and more OVA-styled look or something…I wouldn’t call it “bad”, but…yeah I’d take the old character designs any day, especially Saitoh! WTF!
    Misao looks okay (for me hehehe) and at least there’s my favorite character Soujiro in there! :D

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