Alpha X Omega Kururugi Suzaku is Mighty Gorgeous, Still Hate Him Though

The character everyone (or at least everyone I knew) loved to hate. Suzaku certainly did not endear himself to many “Code Geass” fans with his annoying idealism and lack of fabulousness, and yet despite that, we’re actually getting a scale figure of him from Alpha X Omega (an Alter and MegaHouse collaboration) which from a purely objective standpoint, actually looks purchase-worthy. Unlike most male figures of past that have been marked by lack of details and uninspiring sculpts, the “Geass” male scale figures have held up much better on their end and Suzaku is no exception. Clothed in his Knight of Zero garb as seen in the much maligned second season, Lancelot’s pilot looks every bit as impressive as his anti-hero best friend, Lelouch. You can opt to remove the cape as well for a more streamlined look but personally, the figure looks more epic with it. The face is done well enough for you to recognize the character and there’s plenty of intricate trimmings for you to marvel at. Regardless of your love or hate for the character, you can’t deny that this is one gorgeous looking figure. Alpha X Omega’s Kururugi Suzaku Knight of Zero Ver. will be released in April 2012 for a pretty reasonable price of 8500 yen. He’s now available for pre-orders at your favorite online stores.


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