Infinite Stratos First Launches with Cecilia Alcott

Bandai who just had their Tamashii Nation 2011 Event showed us many things that made us jelly. And one of them is from the Mecha-Musume Anime Infinite Stratos, and they first launch out Cecilia Alcott in her IS Blue Tears. Definitely Bandai is proving to be a versatile producer of figures and stuff and this one pretty much a surprise for some. Well when Tamashii Nation 2011 event showed a pic of the five IS Girls and the colored person is Shinonono Houki.

As seen here, you would expect that she would be the first revealed. She’s the main girl and stuff… But big surprise, it’s Britannia who get revealed first with her IS Blue Tears. March 2012 is murder for many people and to add more blood in the purchase, Cecilia Alcott with her IS Blue Tears cost 8190 yen. Dealing heavy damage to your wallets. Hail Britannia!!!


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