Griffon Does Flandre Scarlet a Third Time, Finally Gets Her Perfect

Griffon Enterprises is not shy about re-releasing new sculpts of “Touhou Project” characters they’ve already done in the past and true to this trend is their latest pre-order announcement of a third Flandre Scarlet scale figure, this time incorporating the best features of their previous Flandres into one delectable package. The first Flandre was considered to be too lifeless, but possessing a beautiful face, whereas the second one was visually impressive in size and detail… until you got to the face which was a train wreck. So for the third one, I’m glad Griffon decided to make a lovechild of the two to come up with what is surely the best Flandre yet released (until Ques Q decides to one up them). The face is more reminiscent of the first, while the overall feel of the figure possesses hints of the second. I especially love the flaming base which adds to the visual flair. The wings are also wonderfully done with just the right translucency to make you look twice (or thrice) in amazement. While I would’ve wished that it was 1/7 scaled, the added height the base gives makes it more suitable as a 1/8 especially since most display cabinets are limited in vertical space. For those who have yet to get a Flan figure, this is the one to get. For those who already have either of the first two, it wouldn’t hurt to get this one too and start a Flan shrine. This one’s bound for a February 2012 release for a very reasonable price of 7800 yen. Let’s just hope the final product is as good as the previews Griffon gave.


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