Alter Nanoha -Summer holiday- Makes You Look Forward to Those Youthful Summer Days

Alter has set the standard for “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha” figures and with an upcoming movie next year, the franchise’s successes will only lead to more figures from the said manufacturer such as this latest offering of the main character, Takamachi Nanoha in her “StrikerS” self wearing an enticing swimsuit for some summer fun. Labeled as the -Summer holiday- version, Nanoha looks very different here compared to her usual fighting posed figures as she is seen relaxing amidst the fluttering wind. While it’s not the awe-inspiring behemoth figures we’ve come to expect of Nanoha figures from Alter, the attention to detail is still there. One might argue that it’s too simple but I think that injecting a sense of movement into something simple is quite a challenge in itself and this does not fail in doing so as Nanoha looks very much alive despite just sitting on a stone ledge. The punchy colors add to the eye candy and as always, Alter has all but perfected the facial sculpt of their muse. Being a Nanoha fan, this one’s quite hard for me to resist and due to the much simpler overall construction, this one’s surely not going to be reaching astronomic prices. Pre-orders for this delectable beauty start on December 7.


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