Alter Re-releases Louise Goth Punk, Thank Goodness for That New Anime Season

Alter’s been known to re-release highly popular figures, especially in times when a sequel of a show that a particular character is part of is announced. Next season, the final season of the much heralded “Zero no Tsukaima” will be broadcast and as such, Alter has decided to re-release arguably its best ever rendition of the main character Louise, labeled as the Goth Punk Ver. One of the most expensive figures for a while on the secondary market, this Louise is definitely worthy of that heightened stature as everything about her is perfect. Her face is simply adorable and her hair is beautifully sculpted to show her wavy hair adorned with ribbons. Even her dress reflects a great amount of detail, especially on the underside and painting as always is perfectly done with no visible imperfections ruining such an awesome figure. What’s even better is that those who missed out on the first release can now get her for the original price of 6800 yen! That’s a far cry from the 15000 yen and above prices this used to command on the secondary market. She’s bound for an April 2012 re-release. Get one now and save yourself the tearful regret.


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