Wagnaria’s Finest Taneshima Popura Brought to Life by Alter!!!

Currently running on its second season, “WORKING!” has been a very popular show even with its simple premise and Alter has capitalized on this by releasing figures from the series. After Yamada who has just been out of production, they’re now up to task with arguably the most recognizable face from the show, none other than the tiny sempai of the crew, Taneshima Popura. As with most of Alter’s works, Popura is brought to life not with exquisite attention to detail and superb painting. This is a very typical Alter figure; simple yet brimming with a lifelike atmosphere, which is certainly not a bad thing. Just look at the glasses of drinks that Taneshima is balancing and you can see how every little detail is given loving attention here. Her facial expression is spot on with her character as she sports her usual energetic smile. If there’s anything wrong here, it might be the hair color or I might just be color blind. Overall, this is one figure that’s sure to brighten up your days with its infectious energy and cuteness. Alter’s Popura is set for a May 2012 release for 6800 yen.


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