The 1st Team Onii-chan Christmas Party!!! (An Event Report)

THE best figure group in the Philippines (and still growing!)

Last December 17, 2011, Team Onii-chan Figure Display Crew had its first ever Christmas party which was held at Yumemiya Japanese Cafe. The party was both a celebration of Team Onii-chan’s various and unparalleled successes over the year and a big thank you to all of our fun-loving members who have all contributed to spreading the joy of figure collecting to the Philippine otaku community. Even if the team has only been around for 7 months, the great turnout for the Christmas party and the friendly and accommodating atmosphere that’s been cultivated into the DNA of the group bodes well for even bigger and better things to come in the future.

Here are some pictures taken by our members on what went on during the party:

5:00 pm: We first met up at the Vmall food court of Greenhills Shopping Center before trekking to Yumemiya, since not all of the members are familiar with the venue’s location.

Being a figure crew, even our little precious collections were excited for the party to start.

Gathering of little ones

Hideyoshi moe

5:45 pm: We headed for Yumemiya Japanese Cafe after everyone had met up at the food court. It was a fairly short walk from the mall. Too bad it was drizzling a bit at the time, but everyone made it safe and sound, albeit a bit wet.

6:00 pm: We’ve arrived!

Best group goes for the best place to eat! :)

Just a bit of info. Yumemiya Japanese Cafe is actually a franchise owned by one of our members, Nichollas. We tried out some of their offerings a few weeks before the Christmas party and the first time the food touched our tongues, we instantly knew that we had our venue for the party. Thankfully, Nick was able to accomodate all 30 of us in the restaurant and we’re very happy to say that everything was just perfect when we arrived, from the ambience, the service and most especially the food. We couldn’t have had a better venue and the choice was only fitting for the best group of figure collecting friends ever gathered. If you have the time, please do go and try out Yumemiya’s food. It’s out of this world and you’re sure to get bang for your buck with their healthy servings. Don’t forget to also grab some of their scrumptious desserts.

The Bible of Gastronomic Heaven

Incoming food porn!

Tonkatsu with curry... *drool*

Not your regular fried chicken place!

Risotto with Clams and Salmon. A definite winner!

Sirloin on a hot plate. Their signature dish. One bite and you're in heaven.

Katsudon bowl. A simple, yet timeless classic. Perfectly cooked.

Even Kiririn loves the exquisite food.

And of course, there’s always room for desserts, of which Yumemiya has in spades! Sweet things are given to those who are sweet. None to those who are bitter (and old).

Mango parfait!!!

I think this was the Chocolate dome cake? Wait, Kiririn's still wants more!

Special guest appearance by Woody! Even he gets a cake :D

Chocolate parfait. Had one of these and it was simply delectable.

Strawberry parfait. Look at those ginormous strawberries!

There were lots of smiles and mingling happening in the party. We were quite a raucous crowd but thankfully, the staff didn’t mind too much. If there was anything that’s become more obvious in the party, it’s that Team Onii-chan’s values of openness and acceptance were in full view. It’s very touching to see that in such a short span, we’ve already built a healthy community that’s purely centered on friendly interaction and sharing of ideas.

Lots of girls in Team Onii-chan :)) I think we're almost 50:50 in terms of male to female ratio?

Spot the "Uncharted 3" game dev here!

TNL (Tunay na Lalake) table

A white little akuma spying on Onii-chan and Woody.

Onii-chan and his waifu

Kyubey shirt worn by Chris grabbed attention here.

The biggest troll goes trolling again.


8:00 pm: We had a round of introductions for everyone to get to know one another with the usual mishaps and signature trolling that gave everyone the laughs. We ended the day with a Christmas gift exchange since it’s kind of the standard practice during Christmas I think? Hahaha. The party was too fun to end but alas, we had to end at some point since it was pouring hard and some of us had other obligations to fulfill. That being said, I’m sure there will be more events like these in the future and we will make sure that this becomes a yearly tradition.

Some of the greatest people you'll ever meet (6 members weren't in this pic)

Onii-chan Sentai Trollrangers!

It’s been a great ride so far since Team Onii-chan was first formed 7 months ago. It has not been an easy ride but it has definitely been a fun one. Everyone’s learned from everyone in one way or another and I think that in the end, this is what our group is really about. It’s not about setting unreasonable boundaries, stupid hierarchies or absurd and inconsiderate rules of allegiance that constrain the individuality of members. From day one, we’ve always viewed ourselves simply as a group of friends that share a common interest and it will stay that way even as we grow bigger and better. Our members are what makes Team Onii-chan what it is today and it will continue to be that way for as long as the team goes. The team does not exist to be served by its members. Team Onii-chan will always exist for the joy and happiness of its members.

Again to everyone who attended our first ever Christmas party, thank you for joining us and we hope to see you more in the events to come. :D

Special thanks to Kimmy, Dianne, Chris, Joseph, Adam, Ash and Abiel for the pictures used here.

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