GSC Saber Cuirassier is a Jaw Dropping Masterpiece… Plus the Best Butt Out There

Good Smile Company has stepped up its game in recent months with excellent figure offerings but this time, it’s going for the stars with their latest announcement which should blow the minds of every single otaku out there (yes, even those who aren’t into collecting) with its sheer awesomeness and insane engineering. This 1/8 scale figure of Saber from the celebrated anime, “Fate/Zero,” depicts her riding her personal vehicle, the Saber Motored Cuirassier while holding Excalibur at her side. At first glance, the thing that jumps out at you immediately here is that armored motorcycle which if I could describe it in one word is “WOW!” We’ve had figures before that had extremely detailed clothing, weaponry and other small accessories, but to execute this level of intricacy into a vehicle is something revolutionary. I’m not kidding. Inspect that bike and you’ll see that every little pipe and internal part is faithfully replicated. The shapely curves are just gorgeous and even the tires are done realistically. With such a jaw-dropping piece of machinery, one would think that the character would be overshadowed by it. Thankfully, Takayuki Kawahara, who by the way is also responsible for GSC’s 1/7 Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~, is at the helms again with this Saber and he shows his expertise with the said character here. Kawahara is probably the greatest Saber artisan out there and she looks stunning here. Her almost expressionless face is captured perfectly while her hair flutters in the wind to simulate motion. The normally bland black suit she wears in “Fate/Zero” is brought to life through varying textures and the folds and creases on her clothes are also expertly sculpted. The greatest thing about this Saber? It’s got to have the best butt out of all the Sabers out there. So would the revolutionary bike and that delectable Saber equal to a purchase? Well, it depends if you can stomach 13800 yen for it. But given that it’s still a May 2012 release, there’s lots of time to save up! Get this instant classic while it still lasts.


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