Reminders for the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special Figure Display

The Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special, the biggest figure centered event ever in the Philippines, is just around the corner and preparations are now in high gear as we try to serve up the best display you’ll ever see this year. Of course, to help us with the preparations, Ozine management has given us an ingress day in advance to avoid the rush and to make sure that everything’s perfect by the start of the event. For existing Team Onii-chan members, you might be familiar with most of these already but for the new lenders, please do read the details below. Thanks.

1. Ingress will be on December 27, 2011 (Tuesday) at 3 pm until 9 pm at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1. Please head directly to the venue. Team Onii-chan members will already be there to accommodate you so you don’t need to worry about anything. Aside from this, Ozine management has requested that the ingress end at exactly 9 pm in compliance with mall rules. We will strictly follow this so please do take note.

2. The display booth will be will have 20 tables (more or less) as seen above. Barring any unforeseen problems with space, the proposed setup of the tables will be as seen in the image above. This setup will allow us to easily guard the display, as well as avoid breaking up the team into different areas.

3.  During the set-up of the display, you will be responsible for the figures you’ve brought. This means that any losses incurred during the ingress will not be accounted for by Team Onii-chan! so please be organized when opening your figure boxes.

4. There will be 15 IDs to be given. This is already an exact number given to us by Ozine management. Priority will be given to those who will both lend figures and guard the display on both days.

5. Egress will start at 8 pm of December 29 or if the organizers allow, a bit earlier than that (around 7:30 pm). If you absolutely need to leave earlier than that, please inform any of the Team Onii-chan admins (Onii-chan, scary.chii, kettenkrad or Murakami_Night) before doing so.

6. Do remember that we also have a selling booth for any figures that you might want to sell. Please provide the figure name, the condition of the figure, your name and the price you want us to sell the figure for. These details are all important for documentation and recording purposes.

7. You can leave your boxes at the display area. Just hide them under the tables so the display looks neat and tidy.

8. No bringing of food and drinks into the Megatrade Hall. There will be booths inside the event area if you happen to be hungry.

That’s all the reminders you need to know for our Ozine Anime Figure Special display. Whether you’re a lender, part of the crew or an event goer, we hope you take the time to visit us and see our lineup of figures. If you have any questions or inquiries about what Team Onii-chan is, our friendly members will be sure to help you with them. We hope to see you at the Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special on December 28 to 29 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1. :)

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