Griffon POP Reimu Hakurei is Extremely Adorable, Lolicon Pride Overflows

Sorry for the lack of posts recently as we’ve been quite busy with the just concluded Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special (which I’ll be doing a post on soon), but we’re now back to give you updates on some of the most eye-catching figures to come out from Japan. Griffon Enterprises has been known much for its steady releases of “Touhou Project” figures and while not all of them are considered to be top-tier quality, there are some like this POP Ver. of main character Reimu Hakurei that grabs notice. POP is an illustrator who brandishes a distinct art style that makes his characters even cuter and younger looking, making him popular among otaku who like lolis. In this rendition of Reimu, we see the POP influence in full force as she looks extremely adorable with those big doll-like eyes and pondering expression. It’s not an overly extravagant figure as the face is really the star here but still, there’s nothing in the prototype shots that would lead us to believe that the paint job or other aspects of the figure would be a complete disaster. However, Griffon being Griffon, it’s not a sure fire purchase yet as recent releases have hovered between bad, mediocre or in rare cases, masterpieces. I’ll probably wait on this until it’s released but I’ll definitely keep an eye on this. This uber cute Reimu is scheduled for a March 2012 release for 7300 yen.

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