Upcoming Nendoroids – January 2012

Nendoroid Akarin of YuruYuri. Teaser picture (upper right) was released few weeks ago so I thought someone was trolling just like what they did to Menma XD. Anyway, this picture was a screenshot of GSC’s live streaming at Nico Nico Douga. (Credits to Fuuoko of MFC)

Nendoroid Ricotta Elmar of Dog Days. After Nendoroid Milhi, the loli scientist was next to be nendorized.

 More nendoroids after the break

Kusugawa Sasara of To Heart 2 – Final Dragon Chronicle -Guilty Requiem-. After they released the game bundle Tamaki Kousaka and Yuzuhara Konom, next up is Sasara from the same series. Let’s hope this one is not exclusive. ^^”

Kawakami Momoyo of Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! I forgot if this anime is still airing (part of fall season) or part of upcoming winter season nonetheless GSC already nendorized her so lets expect that there will be more to come from this series.

Takakura Himari of Mawaru Penguindrum. Honestly, i dont know who she is though I am aware that the series was finished. XD Anyway, upon reading some comments at MFC, i think there were alot of people who were waiting for her to get released. :D

Shinguji Sakura of Sakura Taisen. Another character that im not familiar. XD Apparently, it was an old anime (according to Muntoe of MFC) but last November 2011, there was a new manga that was released that probably caused the release of this nendoroid. (credits to Miru_Mirt of MFC for the information)

Akechi Kokoro of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Preorders for her already started few days ago so get your slots now or suffer just like what happened to the game version of Sharo.

Nendoriod Minami Kana of Minami-Ke!

Nendoriod Minami Haruka of Minami-Ke!

Nendoroid Azuki Miho of Bakuman. First female nendoroid from Bakuman series. She’s scheduled for May 2011 release and priced at 3500 yen.

Nendoroid Inumi Miharu of Working. Her colored version first appeared during the recent Comiket.

Nendoroid Nanasaki Ai of Amagami. GSC is taking their time to release this nendoroid.  I wonder why. (o_o)

Nendoroid Kuroyukihime of Accel Word. The anime is part of the upcoming series so i dont know much about her. ^^”

That’s it. We got a lot of nendoroid coming this year so ready your wallet for another year of wallet-killer-hauls. Oh by the way, Wonder Fest is coming soon! Prepare your emergency money. XD

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