FiguArts ZERO Himura Kenshin Looks Top Notch (And Affordable Too)

“Rurouni Kenshin” has seen a revival in Japan soon and while there have been both good and bad things that have come out from it, the attention it has gotten recently is a welcome sight especially for those who grew up following the series. Bandai is paying tribute to this great series by announcing the “Rurouni Kenshin” FiguArts ZERO line of figures and the first entry is none other than the titular character himself, Himura Kenshin. Depicted in his signature Battoujutsu pose, this Kenshin looks to be one of the best figures of the cross-shaped swordsman as he sports a respectable looking face and a seemingly flawless paint job. At the very least, it shouldn’t look as bad as that retarded Revoltech version.

He also comes with a replacement face plate so you can display him with a stern, battle-ready face. I personally like this face better since it’s much more accurately sculpted than the standard face. Notice how impressive the shading on his clothes are. It’s almost as good as a regular scale figure.

FiguArts ZERO Himura Kenshin will be released in April 2012 for 3500 yen. For such a great looking figure, the price sure isn’t bad. Go grab one if you’re a fan of this classic character.


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