Semoponume’s Review for figma Madoka

It has been a long time since I have done a review for a figure. But anyhow, I’ll just get straight to the review.

Madoka comes with Kyubey, four arrows, two grief seeds, a staff, a bow, two faces…
 Nine extra hands
And the usual figma stand/support.
Also that figma plastic… And that is all.
And now a look at Madoka.
And then Kyubey.
Kyubey’s size when beside Madoka.
For me, Madoka, looks well detailed, and they managed not to make her joints look robotic (I personally do not like figmas and Revoltech whose joints look too robotic or obvious) Kyubey is well detailed too. But… Kyubey isn’t that fun to play with. First it’s head and tail cannot be moved. And then he keeps falling on his face. It is quite annoying.
Now… On to more pictures of Madoka with her other accessories.
A problem with  her grief seeds, no hand could hold on to the grief seed like the one in the box. Maybe if you force it, it could, but… I might end up breaking the grief seed. Something that small can be a pain to repair.
Here she is with her staff, the staff is actually well detailed. But quite fragile.
As for the bow, I find it really really hard to make Madoka hold her bow. The bow is very fragile and I do not want to risk breaking the bow. Only one hand of her’s could easily hold the bow, and it is very loose. 
On the other hand, Madoka’s left hand, (the one for the arrows) can easily hold unto an arrow. But sadly, she cannot hold her bow, and so… 
Here’s another non-official way of playing with her arrows.
I’m quite disappointed that most her equipments cannot be used by her, grief seeds keep falling off her hand… Hell! I don’t even know how they made Madoka do this pose without breaking the damn bow.
Now, lets try playing with Madoka… See how much fun she can provide us. I’ll start by sending a hobbit to have his way with her.
But wait, I don’t support old man rape.
 Madoka Kick!
So far, not much fun factor… Though it would be more fun if I had a playset or a good background. Or perhaps I just lack imagination at the moment. At least she’s quite pose-able.
Problem is, she can’t touch her face and do the Yuno.
Oh yeah… Here’s a look under her skirt. As you can see, she’s got no belly…
Overall, I can’t say I find this fig an epic fig but at the same time, she’s not a fail fig. Although… There are some issues about her accessories as I have mentioned above.
Pros: Well detailed.
Cons: Accessories are hard to use and too fragile. Maybe if I use force… But…
I’d give her a 3.5 our of 5.

3 thoughts on “Semoponume’s Review for figma Madoka

  1. actually the hand for holding the bow shouldn’t make it too loose to hold it. since the bow itself has two spots with the ‘diamond-shaped’ jewel in it, the top end should be comfortable sitting on top of the hand. you have to force it in at a diagonal angle from the gap between the thumb and index finger. i don’t think the bow will break.. it’s not THAT fragile. (unlike Mami figma’s cap.. trolled me real hard)

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