Max Factory Holy Angel Kamineko is Truly Heaven Sent

Max Factory has long been one of my favorite manufacturers for releasing some of the best figures in a very attractive 1/7 scale, meaning they’re a bit bigger than your usual 1/8 scaled figures. This trend continues with their latest figure announcement in the form of “OreImo’s” Kuroneko in her Holy Angel Kamineko outfit. I’m not the biggest “OreImo” fan out there but I can tell you that this figure is already one of my favorites this year. The sculpt is just exquisite and in my opinion, the best Kuroneko (or Kamineko) out there. The attention to detail is just extraordinary as Max Factory has put love into each part of the figure, from the gorgeous face, to the wonderful pose and to the eye-catching frills of her lovely costume. One might argue, “well Kuroneko should look tsundere-ish, so this doesn’t fit her, blah blah” but given the outfit she has, I think that the expression is just right. She also comes with a mask which you can opt to put on her right hand or leave out, depending on your preference in displaying her. What’s even better than the quality of the figure you’re already getting is the price. For such a top-notch piece with a delightful 1/7 scale, this Kuroneko only retails for 7900 yen, which is a pretty good bargain already if you ask me, and you’ll also get a lot of time to save up for this beauty as she won’t get released until May 2012. Even if you’re not a fan of this blunt kitty, this is still one sweet buy.


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