Bandai’s AGP Expands to Even More Temptations

While Bandai has announced their Armor Girls Project late last year with IS’s Cecilia Alcott and her IS, Blue Tears, we’ve got quite a surprise as Tamashii, bandai’s collector division, seemingly put up two new “sublines” for this week and the past week namely the MS Shoujo and the Musumecha lines.

Seemingly derived from Ver. Ka line’s Haruhi releases, we now get into a theme more suitable to belong in the AGP line, so, what can possible happen if you get a random girl and give her some Gundam parts perhaps? Wouldn’t you want to see? Well, bandai has an answer for that and it’s in the form of the MS Shoujo or Mobile Suit Girl.

As you can see above, parts are now actually decomposed into separate pieces of armor rather than a massive bulk of mecha-like piece which we saw back in Ver Ka’s Haruhi Bunny releases. This is somewhat Bandai’s answer to Konami’s Busou Shinki line in my honest opinion XD But seemingly, you might think “Oh hey, this is just some random 2D girl with Wing Gundam parts, meh, I can do better by mixing model kits with my figmas”.

Apparently, Bandai has very amusing way of introducing the MS Girl subline to us as it’s not completely just some girl in Gundam Armor; there’s more than meets the eye with this mecha musume. With just wings, beam sabers and a buster rifle, would you believe that you can turn this girl into a war machine or even transform her into Wing Gundam Zero Custom Girl even. (Yes, that angel winged Wing Gundam from Endless Waltz.) Don’t believe it? Then you better do! >:3  Apparently, this MS Girl has an uncanny feature to mount on parts from Bandai’s Robot Damashii Line; so yeah, you turn this babe into your Wing Gundam Zero Custom Girl or give her RX-78/OO Seven Sword’s weapons which does expand her playability by a long shot.

Shortly after the MS Girls announcement, they announced just around yesterday of a new Subline… one called Musumecha. What is it? See below to find out!

Basically the Musumecha line would be some notable female characters from different anime series + more mecha armaments. While information provided is in japanese and I can’t understand it; we did get a preview on the recently concluded Wonder Festival Winter 2012 and it looks like the Musumecha line will be a static figure based from the shot below which I saw at cybergundam blog.

While we still only have Mikoto, here’s a list of possible releases which I found on Figure/GK. So the list is actually quite notable since the choice of characters do look promising XD So what are your thoughts on the semi-new line? I’m definitely looking forward to these once they’re released! :D


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