Max Factory Luka Tony Ver. is One Sizzling Sexy Lady Waiting For Your Pre-order

The Vocaloid franchise has been around for quite some time and has had its share of figures already, but apart from the immortal Hatsune Miku, there hasn’t really been much in terms of character variety when it came to Vocaloid scale figures. But this time, Max Factory is out to change all of that by finally announcing pre-orders for the Tony Taka designed version of the voluptuous Megurine Luka. While not as popular as her fellow blue-green haired diva, Luka also has a sizable following of fans, especially those who prefer ladies with a more robust and mature body profile. Playing up to these characteristics is the notable artist Tony Taka who excels at designing sexy characters. His skill is visibly shown in this figure as Max Factory has done an exceptional job recreating his drawings into a very delectable figure. The attention to detail here is simply stunning from Luka’s signature pink hair to her bodily curves which make her fans drool. Even the intricate gold linings on her dress and stockings are perfectly done without any blemish. This figure is sure to please any Vocaloid fans who’ve been craving for a Luka figure for so long. Max Factory’s Megurine Luka Tony ver. is scaled at 1/7 and is now available for pre-orders at your favorite online stores. She will retail for a premium price of 8381 yen. This is truly a gorgeous masterpiece worth your purchase.

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