A Year Old… But Definitely Here to Stay and Grow Even More!

Would you believe? Team Onii-chan is only actually a year old?

 A post to celebrate our 1 Year Mark~

How the team started…

Team Onii-chan recently celebrated its anniversary by giving out a vast display on this year’s Ozine Festival; the very event that gave the Team its debut a year ago. While supposedly being a group that was to display only for Ozine Fest 2011, the experience we had, the friends we made on our first display had definitely made an impact and thus, instead of being disbanded, the Team remained for good as a group for figure collectors and admirers alike. And well, the rest is, shall I say, history…

Over the remainder of the year 2011, Team Onii-chan have had 5 more displays, including a convention where we were actually one of the organizers (Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special); making it a total of 6 displays for the year.

By far, Team onii-chan has a total of 9 displays, the 9th being the anniversary display, from its debut; and while still young, we’ve managed to put up quite a strong bond among our members!

Blog and Forum…

As we find ways to provide our fellow figure collectors and figure admirers, we started this very blog by July 2011 as a stepping stone to share the latest news and happenings on the figure world, some eye popping figure reviews and trivia and also, to have a place where we can share to you our reports on our very own figure displays.

By the early start of year 2012, we decided to unveil a new community for collectors and fans by introducing our forum, Japanese Toy Collectors Philippines or jptoyph for short; a place where you can certainly share the figure collecting hobby love with other collectors. And may I just plug, if you haven’t signed up yet, we highly encourage you to sign up, I can assure that the members there will all give you a warm welcome. :D

We also post our monthly forum gatherings there and we usually do some fun stuff such as having laser tag sessions, storming the local hobby shops for their new arrivals and whatnot.

What’s to come…

For those who have missed out on our recent display, fret not as we will still have future displays to bring you yet another showcase of eye pleasing figure goodness; be it new figures or all time classics, we will definitely have a lot more in store for you in the future. That’s about as much as I can reveal for now but we will always keep you guys informed for our future surprises and whatnot.


Well, that’s about it, I myself started only as some collector who just wanted to share my figures to our local community but look at where I am now, I am now surrounded by very very good friends who share the passion for this hobby and I can definitely say I AM very proud and happy to be part of the Team.

And of course, in behalf of Team Onii-chan, I would like to thank all of our volunteers, be it lending or guarding figures, and our valued audience and fans for all the support as we would have never been where we are right now without you guys!

Oh and before I end my post, we are currently looking for writers who would be willing to write articles or post details for our blog and forums; of course, we will have incentives and to find out what they are, please visit our Facebook Fanpage and check out the details~ We would greatly appreciate the help~ ^_^

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